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                        Raman Spectroscopy of Rocks Sections

On the following pages,  I have used the Raman microscope to study the mineralogy of rock sections.

  The red arrows in pictures indicate the position of the laser spot for each spectrum. The objectives used for pictures is 2X or 4X. For Raman spectra recording, the objective is always 50X NA=0.85. The size of the spot is 2 to 5 depending on the laser used.


Talc Chloritoid Garnet Schist

A small part of the thin section of this rock is reproduced on the left side; the complete thin section can be seen HERE.

 Page 1: Garnet - Chloritoid - Talc

 Page 2: Glaucophane - Rutile - Quartz - Apatite






Rock section from Phalaborwa - South-Africa

Aenigmatite, Aegirine, Arfvedsonite

Lamprophyllite, Titanite, Nepheline

Sodalite, Eudialyte, Ilmenite, Diopside



Hornblende Mica Schist

The specimen studied on the following three pages is a polished slab. The  thin section of this rock is also available for pictures comparison

 Page 1 : Hornblende - Muscovite - Quartz -                 Calcite - Ilmenite

 Page 2 : Albite - Muscovite - Chamosite

 Page 3 : Calcite - Rutile - Goethite







Mangano-Calcite section from Langban Sweden.

Calcite dolomite

forsterite, hausmanite.

Polished Section of Granite

Quartz - Feldspar - Biotite

This section has also been examined with 532 nm laser.



Sodalite section from Narvick. Norway.

Sodalite, microcline, natrolite

cancrinite, annite, molybdenite

analcime, ilmenite, chlorite.

Further study of a pyroxenite section from Malaga with 532 nm Raman.

Previous spectrum with He-Ne laser.


Apatite Chlorite from Portugal


Thin section images.

Glaucophane prasinite from Viu Italy.

 Page1:Glaucophane,phlogopite,Quartz,               rutile        

 Page 2: Epidote, Titanite.

 Page 3: Actinolite, Clinochlore.

 Page 4: Oligoclase,Calcite.                   

 Page 5: Muscovite,Hematite,Magnetite.


           See also a thin section of this rock.


Peridotite from Italy Raman study

Thin section image of this rock.


Ignimbrite from Italy Raman study.

Thin section image of this rock.


Gabbro from Scotland Raman analysis.

Raman of opaque minerals.

Thin section image of this rock.


Amphibolite from Ireland Raman analysis.

Thin section image of this rock.


Phonolite from the Boca de Tauce, Tenerife.

  Page 1: Nepheline, Aenigmatite

  Page 2: Sodalite, Aegirine            

   Page 3: Feldspar, Richterite   

Thin section of this rock   


Hawaite Raman analysis.

Thin section image of this rock.

Basalt Raman analysis.

Thin section image of this rock.

Pegmatite from Smaland Sweden

 with yellow needles of Rosenbuschite and Fluorite, Nepheline,Eckermannite, Aegirine...

       Page 1: Polished section Raman.

       Page 2: Thin section Raman.

    Page 3:  Thin section Images.


Phonolite Raman analysis.

Thin section image of this rock.



Basalt Raman analysis.

Thin section image of this rock


Peridotite from Lanzo. Italy.

Highly weathered rock.

Raman spectra.

Nomarski DIC images.