Phonolite from the Boca de Tauce, Tenerife.

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Reflected light image of a large feldspar crystal (10).
Raman spectra of feldspar (seems to be anorthoclase) from this phonolithe section.
Mixed spectrum of feldspar and aenigmatite from spot 6 on page 1, first picture.



The dark mineral visible in thin section plane polarized light which is believed to be Richterite, a calcium sodium amphibole. It is mixed with the feldspar.
Reflection image of richterite (17).
Raman spectrum of Richterite (17)  compared to the reference in RRUFF database. The spectrum of spot 17 has additional peaks and is thus not a pure Richterite crystal, it is mixed with feldspar as shown by the red spectrum from pure feldspar.