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 First microscope spectrometer for the measurement of the pleochroism of minerals in thin sections.

Test of the fist spectrometer with rare earth nitrates.

 Design of a visible - NIR spectrometer for microscope.

Wavelength range : 400 to 1700 nm, transmission mode.

Microscope fiber optics spectrometer

Wavelength range : 400 to 2100 nm, transmission and reflection mode.

Page 1: Technical Part

Page 2: Example Spectra


Test of an Echelle Spectrograph
Connection of an ALPY 600 Spectrograph to a Microscope.

Spectra of an epidote single crystal cut normal and parallel to crystal prism.

Spectra of glaucophane in thin section. Page 1. Page 2. 

Spectra of altered glaucophane.


Spectra of ruby and pargasite in a zoisite-ruby section from Tanzania.

Spectra of hornblende in thin section. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3.

 Spectra of an Aegirine section
 Pleochroism and spectra of Alexandrite.
 Spectra of a Bronzite section.
 Spectra of Cordierite crystals.
 Spectra of a Diopside crystal.
Spectra of a Dioptase section
Spectra of an Emerald Crystal.
Spectra of an Eudialyte section.
 Spectra of a Forsterite crystal.
Spectra of blue Kyanite section.
   Spectra of Gypsum Crystals.
Spectra of a Talc-schist with chloritoid, Garnet and Glaucophane.

1: Chloritoid.    2: Garnet and Glaucophane.

Spectra of different crystal in a section of NW904 ordinary chondrite.

1: Pyroxene Chondrule.    2: Olivine Chondrule.

Spectra of olivine crystals in Seymcham Pallasite section.
 Spectra of Piemontite in thin section.
Spectra of Tourmaline.
 Spectra of a Pyroxenite section.

Page 1.         Page 2.

Spectra of Garnet.
Spectrum of Vivianite