Glaucophane Prasinite from Viu Italy. Page 2

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Yellow green crystals of epidote are spread over this rock as can be seen on the 3 images below (5 and 10). Can also be seen on the thin section.

Three different spectra of epidote obtained with green and red lasers.
Above: plane polarized reflection image and below: oblique illumination reflection. Spot 10 is epidote.


Titanite- Sphene.

Reflection image (above) and transmission image of a titanite crystal (6)
Image below: double polarized reflection image. 1 is mica, 2 is epidote (see spectrum above), 3 is rutile (spectrum on page 1) and 4 is titanite as can be seen on the spectrum below.
Plane polarized reflection image showing the same minerals. This picture illustrates the scale of the refraction indices of the four minerals. Lower index is mica (lower reflection coefficient) and higher index is rutile (higher reflection intensity).
Raman spectra of Titanite.