Raman Mangano-Calcite section from Langban Sweden.

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Spot 1 is a clear non fluorescent crystal of calcite

polarized image of the section. Crystal labeled 2 is forsterite, crystal 3 is magano calcite or dolomite.


The opaque crystals on this image are hausmanite, manganese oxide.


Plane polarized view. Crystal 6 is forsterite, crystal 7 is dolomite or calcite.

Crossed polars view.


Spot 8 is a fluorescent crystal of dolomite or mangano calcite. The Raman spectrum is noisy due to the high fluorescence.

Reflection image of the fluorescent image above. Spectra in darker region 8 has been compared with lighter area 9. The spectra are similar, they indicate the presence of calcite or dolomite.

View of the same spots 8 and 9 in plane polarized transmission with spectrum.

Other section of another mineral of the same location. This section contains much more opaque crystals type 1 (hausmanite) and less crystal 2 (forsterite). The fluorescent mangano calcite or dolomite (spot 2) is ubiquitous in this rock.




Raman spectra of forsterite coming from 2 pallasite meteorites, a forsterite macro crystal already analyzed and the crystal which appears in spot 6 above.