Mangano-Calcite Fluorescence


                                              See the Raman spectra of this section

Figure 1: transmission fluorescence image of a section of mangano-calcite and forsterite from Sweden. The mangano-calcite is fluorescent.


Figure 2: same section in plane polarized light. The dark mineral is hausmanite.


Figure 3: same mangano-calcite sample fluorescence in reflection.


Figure 4: transmission plane polarized view.


Figure 5: crossed polars view. The bright interference colors come from forsterite.


Figure 6: another sample from the same place. Transmission fluorescence.


Figure 7: same sample viewed in reflection fluorescence. The fluorescence seems to originate from the rims of the crystals.


Figure 8: same section in transmission plane polarized view.

A higher amount of opaque hausmanite  and less forsterite can be seen compared to the first sample.


Figure 9: fluorescence spectra of the two samples recorded with the Alpy 600.