Raman spectra of a pyroxenite section.


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Pyroxenite thick section (0.1 to 0.2 mm) showing different zones: a zone with yellow crystals covering the majority of the section, a clear region to the top right, some green spots and some dark brown crystal. Let us examine some crystals with the 532 nm Raman.

Enlarged view of the clear zone in the section above. Arrow indicates the cystal examined by Raman.

Spectrum of the spot1: mineral is forsterite. Two spectra along the main refraction indices of the section have been recorded showing the polarization dependence.


Here is a part of the central area of the section with apparently four different minerals according to the color. The area nr 5, nearly colorless is forsterite as illustrated in the spectrum above.

Area 2, the yellow crystals covering the largest part of the section is Enstatite. The strong polarization dependence is also demonstrated.

The green spot  3 is a diopside crystal.

The area 4 is a dark brown crystal. The intensity of the Raman spectrum is very low. Although this spectrum has been recorded with a 10 times reduced intensity, it is not yet sure that the material has not been altered by the laser. A spectrum has also been recorded with the He-Ne laser. Both spectra have similarities but this mineral has not yet been identified. The dual laser did not help.