Hawaite Raman

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                                 Wide field thin section of this rock


Raman spectra of an Hawaite thin section.

Minerals: olivine, augite, feldspar labradorite, altered olivine.


  Area 1 is a high interference color forsterite.
       Area 2 is an old olivine crystal which has been altered to a brown green material. The exact Raman spectrum of area 2 is unknown in databases. It is related to montmorillonite or saponite.
       In area 3 and 6, the feldspar is the plagioclase labradorite.

Areas 4 and 5: twined augite crystal.

  Two spectra of a twined augite crystal.

Hawaite area 6: labradorite

     Area 6: feldspar labradorite.

           Area 7: opaque mineral magnetite.

            Below are the reflection images in plane polarized light and crossed polars illumination.  Magnetite is brighter than the silicate materials around. It is dark in the reflection betwwen crossed polars picture.

      Blue curve is the Raman spectrum of magnetite got with reduced laser power. If power is increased, the material is nearly completely oxidized and exhibits a similar spectrum as hematite.