Rosenbuschite, aegirine, nepheline thin section

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 A thin section from a  pegmatite sample  from Smaland Sweden with yellow needles of Rosenbuschite.

The thickness of this section is greater than the usual 30 to get Raman spectra free of artifact from the glue.

The spectra on this page have been made with a 532 nm laser except otherwise indicated.

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 Crystals 1 and 2 are Nepheline.

 Violet crystal is fluorite ( see below for spectra)

Crystals 4 and 5 are Fluoro-Arfvedsonite or Eckermanite.



Green crystal 6 is Aegirine.

Clear crystals are Microcline.


This spectrum of crystal 10 is of low intensity. It seems to be the prismatic Rosenbuschite.

Heavily altered crystals giving more complex spectra. Position 14 gives a mixed spectrum of nepheline and mica + 2 extra peaks, one of them could be analcime. Material at spot 13 is a mica + 1 extra peak. This spectrum 13 could be interpreted as a mica + analcime.


Spectra of Violet Fluorine. These are raw spectra without any baseline correction. Fluorite has normally only one line in the Raman spectrum at 322 cm-1. The spectrum of  a transparent crystal is so (black curve). Violet fluorite crystals have different spectra which change according to the intensity of the color as also published in the literature.