Phonolite from the Boca de Tauce, Tenerife.

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On this page and the two following ones, I present the Raman study on a rock collected in Tenerife in the region of the Teide on a cliff to the north of the Boca de Tauce. A thin section image of this rock can be seen here.  Raman spectra have been recorded on a polished section of the rock. Images of this section are compared with similar regions of the thin section.



Area 5 is an example of the low refraction index (low reflection coefficient) nepheline. Image above is planed polarized light and image below was taken under crossed polars, reflection illumination.
Thin section of the same rock sample. Picture above is a plane polarized transmission illumination (LPNA) and image below is a crossed polars view. The arrow indicates a low birefringence nepheline crystal.

Reflection view of another nepheline crystal.

Raman spectra of two nepheline crystals.


Aenigmatite Raman spectrum. (spot 4 top of page)

Aenigmatite is the dark brown mineral surrounding nepheline and sodalite crystals in this section. It appears bright in reflection images due to  high refraction index and high absorption coefficient.

Mixture of nepheline and aenigmatite. He-Ne laser