Sodalite Fluorescence in Phalaborwa Rock Section.


                                           Raman spectra of this section from Phalaborwa.

Figure 1: fluorescent sodalite crystal.

Transmission composite image, white light and 405 nm fluorescence image.


Figure 2: same section in plane polarized light.

White sodalite, green diopside and aegirine.


Figure 3: fluorescent veins of sodalite in nepheline.


Figure 4:Composite image between LPA transmission image and 405 nm laser reflection image.


Figure 5: plane polarized image of the same section.

The sodalite is barely visible with this illumination, sodalite and nepheline are quite transparent.


Figure 6: crossed polarizers view (LPA).

The cubic sodalite appears black with this illumination. The birefringent nepheline is quite visible.


Fluorescence spectrum of the sodalite in Phalaborwa section.