Chondrite H3, Brownfield 1937.

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Polished section, lateral illumination with fiber optics. View near the surface of the meteorite with brown color of oxidized iron. Other view.

 Limit of the near surface area of the sample, brown region is closer to the surface.

Polished section, metallographic microscope with polarizer and analyzer. Detail of chondrule.

Polished section, LPNA view.

Polished section of another view of the chondrite H3 sample. The contrast of the image has been increased to show the difference in the reflection coefficient and color of the opaque minerals. The white mineral is metal iron and the yellow one is a sulfide (probably troilite).

Polished section with analyzer and polarizer. The polarizer and analyzer are slightly uncrossed to show the anisotropy of the sulfide mineral (red in the section) Iron metal is isotropic and thus grey in this image. Other colored minerals are transparent.