Measurement of the reflection coefficients of minerals.


   The photometer can be used to calibrate the reflection coefficients of minerals. I have prepared sections of known minerals to produce the calibration curves below. Of course a better result could be obtained with reflection standards but for the purpose of the minerals identification and to reduce the cost I have chosen this method. Narrow wavelength range interference filters could be positioned into the light path to measure the reflection at different wavelengths. For a quick identification, I recalibrate with 2 points (Chromite and Skutterudite) at 540 nm so I can get a better idea of the reflecting power of unknown minerals than simple examination can provide.


Chr = Chromite

Sph = Sphalerite

Mag = Magnetite

Hem = Hematite

Gal = Galena

Chal = Chalcopyrite

Mar = Marcassite

Pyr = Pyrite

Sku = Skutterudite

Iron = Kamacite

Bireflectant minerals have 2 values in the calibration. For best results, only isotropic materials should be used for calibration.


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